Study at the FFBC-IMMD

The student advisor, Mathilde MODAINE (mathilde.modaine[at], will send you all the information you need before coming (housing, French courses, and how to arrange for someone to meet you at the train station), after having received an official message from your university which attests to your selection.

Don’t hesitate to contact the International Relations (IR) coordinator at the FFBC, concerning courses and daily life at the faculty: Aymen ABBADI. aymen.abbadi[at]

Here are in the links below all of the courses you can choose in FFBC (with descriptions).

Undergraduate programs in FFBC

Undergraduated programs

2018-2019 Erasmus autumn semester courses

Courses' descriptions :

Licence 2

Licence 3 Banque

Licence 3 Comptabilité

Licence 3 Parcours prépa

Licence 3 International Finance

Spring semester courses coming soon

Postgraduate programs in FFBC

Master Comptabilité Contrôle Audit

Master Finance

You must submit a pre-registration pack before June 1st of the preceding school year for a first semester arrival, and before November 1st for the second semester:

  • Your application form (coming soon) to be completed online, printed, signed by yourself and by your coordinator at your university.
  • Your university of Lille learning agreement (contrat d'études), including your choice of courses (to prepare with your professor/study abroad advisor)
  • Your resume
  • An official transcript of marks for the previous university year
  • A document certifying your level in French (TCF/DELF/DALF certificate or a signed statement from a French professor). Only if you wish to take courses in French.
  • You will be informed of your timetables in two ways: on paper, posted in the university corridor, as well as online, on our digital learning platform, “Moodle.”
  • You will be notified by email about all of the orientation activities that will be planned.

International students benefit from total equity in the classroom. They follow the same courses as non-Erasmus students, take the same exams, are graded and judged in the same way (in France, exams are anonymous, thus guaranteeing that no favouritism or discrimination of any kind may occur: see the system notation in France, and receive the same number of credits.
The international coordinator commits to sending a grade transcript to the students’ home university as soon as possible and within a maximum period of five weeks following the end of the academic year (June 30th).

Each year in November, the International Student Week takes place across the entire university. During this lively week, different cultures meet through conferences and cultural events, and international students share their regional cuisine.

For more information about studies and life in Lille, please read this guide.